Edoardo Cioffi

TaoAll the knowledge I acquired in more than 25 years within the IT world, has allowed me to develop a very good technical skill and organizative capabilities.

I'm used to play in different roles of Project Management and I have a personality geared to meeting objectives or specific goals with deadlines.

My studies, certifications and capabilities cover the following areas:
 - Business Consulting
 - Computer security (Router, Firewall, VPN, Wireless)
 - Networks (CCDA, CCDA wireless)
 - Programming (Assembler, RPG, Synon, Lotus Notes, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP)
 - Systems Engineer (OS/400, Windows, Ubuntu)

Languages: Italiano, Castellano, English, Française.

I surround myself with professionals who share the same passion and dedication to the IT world.